A full wig is often too HOT for sports and outdoor activities, too ITCHY when your head is sensitive, or too W-I-G-G-Y, for a or teen!

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The fashion industry has long thrived on youthful energy, and this year in particular has brought a new crop of fresh (and decidedly ) faces. Chalk it up to the democracy of the Internet or the rise of the Insta generation, but it seems now more than ever that being a cool teen is trending hard

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Looking for some cool baby man names? We’ve rounded up a ton of ideas from moms from our readers, including old-college and modern man names as well as names

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Stylish pair of denim pants can be more important for a teen man than any other garment and this is why we so much love talking about denim pieces of teens.

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Goldman Sachs and Teen Vogue polled some of the most influential women in fashion (age 13-29) to find out which brands they love the most.

15 bedrooms for teenage teens that are beyond cool. These teen teen bedroom ideas are sure to inspire your next DIY project.

Here are 18 cool jobs for fashion lovers.

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2. “Faster” Fashion Dominates. Stores like Zara, H&M, and Forever 21, which have much shorter waits between when clothing is ordered and when it goes on sale than traditional teen retailers, can roll out new clothing options each week, not each season, meaning they can quickly adopt trends from the catwalk and rapidly bring them to a sales