Socially Awkward Penguin is an image macro series featuring a penguin with zero self-esteem and zero social skills.

Research has shown that the environmental pollutant methylmercury can increase the prevalence of homosexual behavior in male American white ibis.The study involved exposing chicks in varying dosages to the chemical and measuring the degree of homosexual behavior in adulthood.

Apr 04, 2010 · would never use the phrase “straight couples.” And she is adamantly against calling the other birds “lesbians” too. For one thing, the same-sex pairs appear to do everything male-female pairs do except have sex, and isn’t really sure, or comfortable judging, whether that technically qualifies them as lesbians or not.

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And Tango Makes Three is a 2005 ren’s book written by Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson and illustrated by Henry Cole that tells the story of two male penguins, Roy and Silo, who create a family together.

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The Everything’s Better with Penguins trope as used in popular culture. Maybe it’s because they’re birds that, oxymoronically, can’t fly. Perhaps it’s that …

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Penguins have gay ‘flings’ because they are lonely – but end up in a heterosexual couple. By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 09:08 EDT, 21 October 2010

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender news, commentary, opinion, politics, causes, entertainment, events, personals, health, wellness, sports, interviews, travel & videos.

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A description of tropes appearing in Penguins of Madagascar. A spin-off of the Madagascar films that aired on Nickelodeon. It is an All-CGI Cartoon featuring …

The two male Humboldt penguins called Jumbs and Kermit were given the egg at a Kent wildlife park. The unnamed chick hatched on 12 April.

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