Several of the couples featured have one or two plus-size partners, or are of varying races, or are born the same gender – essentially couplings that are less frequently represented in ‘neutral or positive’ ways in media.

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Our approach to driving large-scale change combines action-based learning, entrepreneurial experience, and collaboration. We test a number of different solutions to see what works and what doesn’t, and engage with partners who have the capacity to scale the most promising ideas.

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Firefly Knows Nonprofit Software! Firefly Partners wants to make sure that our nonprofit clients are using the right platform for communication, events, advocacy and more.

Ex-partners must delete all intimate or nude photos if one of the partners asks for it, a German court ruled Tuesday. The case had been brought by a woman in central Germany who demanded that her partner, a photographer, delete all intimate photos of her after the couple split. During the course of

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Courtesy of Carrie Borzillo There’s no need to be naked and afraid. As we stood nude on our suite deck about to step out into the world of Hedo for the first time, I turned to John and said, “Oh my God.

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MHQP Presents Initial Results of Pain Assessment Project, Seeks Support for Next Phases of Work. Via webinar on November 28, MHQP and its partners at Mad*Pow shared innovative insights for improving conversations between clinicians and their patients suffering from serious pain.