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Our mission is to improve, promote and protect the oral health of Massachusetts residents.

December 21, 2006 INTRODUCTION This directory was prepared to assist in the development and expansion of oral health programs in Michigan. There is a wealth of

Good oral health is an important part of good overall health. Dental public health focuses on improving oral health for all Americans by reducing disparities and expanding access to effective prevention programs.

28 ORAL HEALTH POLICIES AMA AERAICNEDNYIIIIIOIFPI TIESILIIIIIH2I TIH7 Through this initiative, programs were created, produced, and financed to:11 • Emphasize oral health promotion and disease prevention.

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Welcome to A Guide for Developing and Enhancing Community Oral Health Programs!This guide walks local public health agencies through the steps for developing, integrating, expanding, or enhancing community oral health programs.

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The Rural Oral Health Toolkit offers resources, promising practices, and example programs to aid in the planning and development of oral health programs for rural providers and communities.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) supports states in their efforts to reduce oral disease and improve oral health by using effective interventions. CDC provides state health departments with funding, guidance, and technical assistance to monitor oral disease across populations and

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Oral Health Program 3530 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 800 Los Angeles, CA 90010 Phone: (213) 351-7815 Fax: (213) 351-2715

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The Centre for Oral Health Strategy (COHS) NSW is responsible for planning and developing oral health policies that focus on oral health promotion, prevention, early intervention and treatment.

Celebrating Older American’s Month This May, Oral Health America (OHA) joins the Administration on Aging in its observance of Older American’s Month and its theme ‘Engage at Every Age’, which emphasizes you are never too old (or )