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The Formation of the Ouachita Mountains. GEOLOGISTS COME from all over the world to see the strange and curious geologic formations of the Ouachita Mountains.The mountain building process, called orogeny or orogenesis, did a wondrous job of creating folds, faults, and overturned layers of rock.

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View my guestbook! Visitors since Feb.6th,2002 Indian arrowheads, pottery, and other artifacts. We specialize in American and Pre-Columbian Indian Artifacts, including: arrowheads, spearpoints, blades, pots and pottery, fossils, scrs, and the original tools used for creating flint, or for knapping, or for drilling.

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01. Central States Archaeological Journal ” ARKANSAS” The 50th Anniverary of the Natural State Archaeological Society. Volume 55, October 2008, Number 4.This book covers mound ex-cavations done in the State of Arkansas from the …

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The worldwide community of fossil collectors, enthusiasts and paleontologists sharing their knowledge about fossils. Meet new friends with old interests.

Do you need help with fossil identification? Information on how fossils are classified and a contact box for specific identification questions.

Is this the rock that proves aliens exist? Scientist ‘finds extra-terrestrial fossils in meteor fragment’ Two-inch lump of space rock is ‘pitted with microscopic seaweed fossils’

Home » Gemstones » Gemstone Mining in the United States. Gemstone Mining in the United States A wide variety of gemstones are found throughout the United States Author: Hobart M. King, Ph.D., GIA Graduate Gemologist

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Is this alien life? Controversial scientists publish second paper claiming they have found ‘extra-terrestrial fossils’ in meteor fragment. New paper reiterates claims made in January that meteorite contains traces of life from outer space

Chert ( / ˈ tʃ ɜːr t /) is a fine-grained sedimentary rock composed of microcrystalline or cryptocrystalline silica, the mineral form of silicon dioxide (SiO 2). Depending on its origin, it can contain either microfossils, small macrofossils, or both.

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