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Luxury Yacht Vacation specializes in Mediterranean charter yachts for unique, private and personalized boating vacations in European waters.

Our hand-tossed, deck-oven pizzas are always made from scratch (including the dough and sauce) with fresh ingredients and hand-cut veggies.

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No, that’s not rice — it’s orzo, a Mediterranean pasta that resembles rice. It cooks up quickly and absorbs vinaigrette while keeping its shape like no

Cool down your summer with this Mediterranean Pasta Salad. It’s light, refreshing & chock-full of fresh vegetables. The summer weather is approaching and most of us start craving light & refreshing food like

Description: With eyes as blue as the sea, Playmate Sabrina Jucikaite is living in the lap of luxury aboard a yacht sailing across the Mediterranean Sea—a departure from her regular day-to-day in the Netherlands.

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The cardoon (Cynara cardunculus), also called the artichoke thistle or globe artichoke, is a thistle in the sunflower family.It is a naturally occurring species that includes the globe artichoke, and has many cultivated forms.

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Mediterranean Meal Moth Infestations in the kitchen. How to treat and get rid of Mediterranean Meal Flour Moths and pantry moths with pantry moth traps.

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The jewels in the GM collections are unique and original creations by Giuliana Michelotti, inspired by the tribal and ethnic traditions of Asia and Africa.