13 most tense and scary TV documentary moments ever. Getting shot, living in a prison and meeting Nazis, all in the name of entertainment.

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This short story was commissioned and edited jointly by Future Tense—a collaboration among Arizona State University, New America, and Slate—and ASU’s C

The day my sex life was unexpectedly changed forever by a loving wife

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Left valve of the shell of Hafrún/Ming, a clam that was 507 years old when captured

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Below the Surface, Series Finale, BBC Four review – tense and twisty to the bitter end

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PICTURED: Scott Baio looks tense picking his up from the groomers. while sex assault accuser Nicole Eggert files police report on the same day

His estranged wife Jessica Rose Moor has accused him of physically and emotionally abusing her for years. And in the wake of the allegations, weary Nick Knowles, 56, appeared tense as he was joined by a mystery brunette in Los Angeles amid claims he is now ‘dating marketing executive Rebecca Kearns

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Aug 02, 2013 · Armed with a list of 110 sex-related words, gathered from the linguistic extremes of both academic linguists and that tome of slang the Urban Dictionary, I first sought to understand which words resulted in zero suggestions (which likely means the word is blocked).

Get Out is now a critical and audience hit—but a lot of what makes it great couldn’t be mentioned before. Now that it’s in theaters Brian Formo analyzes.