2014 pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine; Part of the Ukrainian crisis: Map of protests by region, indicating the severity of the unrest at its peak

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Russian military intervention in Ukraine (2014–present) Part of the Ukrainian crisis and pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine Areas held by the insurgents and Russia Areas under the control of Ukraine

Mar 03, 2014 · Story highlights. The United States suspends bilateral trade talks with Russia; Ukraine envoy: Russian has sent 16,000 troops into Crimea; Russia says Yanukovych asked them to send troops

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MOSCOW — Reports about two Russian fighters captured in Syria suggest that the same proxy forces that fight the Kremlin’s wars abroad in places such as Syria and Ukraine may also harass members of the Russian political opposition at home. According to interviews by Russian media with

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Russian troops and pro-Russian militants take up positions around the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine, surrounding government buildings and military installations.

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Blackouts in Ukraine were just a trial run. Russian hackers are learning to sabotage infrastructure—and the US could be next.

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As the bloody standoff in Ukraine reaches its annual apex month for , Kiev claims Russia is sending more troops near its borders, while the Kremlin has snapped back that it has every right to do so. Relations between both countries have deteriorated significantly since Russia annexed Crimea

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The port city of Sevastopol is located in southernmost Ukraine on the Crimean Peninsula. The city is an important naval base due to the numerous inlets and …

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