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In A.D. 21XX, War Was Beginning Mega Man X, the darker and edgier sequel series to Capcom’s Mega Man series, follows the exploits of the original Blue …

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Dec 04, 2017 · Capcom is bringing all eight Mega Man X games to current-gen platforms this coming summer, and both Legacy Collections to Switch before year’s end.

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Plot. Like previous entries in the series, the fictional events of Mega Man 9 take place during the 21st century (“20XX”).Dr. Light, the creator of the world’s greatest android hero Mega Man, is blamed when several “Robot Masters” he created suddenly go on a destructive rampage.

All eight main Mega Man X games are coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch across two collections.

Mega Man X4, known as Rockman X4 (ロックマンX4) in Japan or shortened by fandom as MMX4, is the fourth game from the Mega Man X series. It was the second game in the series to be released on the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation (although it is the first original game; Mega Man X3 was ported to the

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Mega Man X, known as Rockman X (ロックマンX) in Japan, is the first game of the Mega Man X series and was released from 1993-95. It was the first spin-off of the classic Mega Man series and made its debut on the Super Famicom/SNES, although it was ported to the PC in 1995, to the Android in 2011 and

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Full coverage of everything Mega Man. April 12, 2018 – Mega Man X Legacy Collections I’ve hinted at these already, but may as well make official note of them.

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There are over 130 titles in the Mega Man series. In all cases, the English title is given first, as well as the initial release date.

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If you were looking for the first game, the one that launched this franchise, see Mega Man 1. For the original series, nicknamed the “classic” series, see …