It was a moment of simple, untainted pleasure of that sort we all long for in our lives and it reminded me a great deal of the powerful feelings of warmhearted compassion that myself, Tony and Annie have been incredibly blessed to receive from scores of wonderful people – including many in the vintage community – over the past five months

Vintage scarves are shaping up to be one of spring’s hottest trends. Why not take things a step farther other than wearing a scarf in the traditional fashion as a head or neck scarf, tie one around the handle of your bag a la a ’50s socialite along with a vintage scarf clip.

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Taxco Silver Jewelry A Monument to a Vision: First Printing, “Taxco Silver Jewelry: A Monument to a Vision” Vintage Fashion and Costume Jewelry Magazine, Summer 2000

Hey guys I have a 1981 350 GS ktm (stripped down) It has a blue frame, swing arm and front forks (appears original), blue tank and side cover decals (all the plastics are white) and an Australian symbol around the KTM emblem on the blue seat.

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“Auto World” showcases that time of history when an automobile was not a mere means of transport but a symbol of wealth, power & style; the mighty ceremonial limousines, the romantic convertibles & the snappy Sports Cars, cars specially coach built like Railway Saloons, drawn carriages, Boat tailed Wooden Speedsters, Shooting Brakes …

The most informative article/page that I’ve found on Trifari. Thank you very much Christine! I’m still stuck though, lol….I have a beautiful necklace that is marked KTF on the back, with the “T” being a bit taller than the other two letters. There are also a couple other pieces (bracelet and 2 dress clips) that make it look lik

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To Native Americans, the Bison or American Buffalo was a symbol of sacred life and abundance. The American Buffalo or Bison is a symbol of abundance and manifestation.

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